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“Freedom’s Fray”


5 Small Stars
Freedom's Fray

Well, I finally got back to book 3 of this series after reading almost a third of it and realizing that I hadn’t read book two, “Freedom’s Fury”. So, I went back and completely read that book and posted a review. Now, I’ve finished this third book and I have to say, this is still a very good series. Discounting all the weird science and stuff, there are some good characters that do most of the work in the books.

Major Dylan Kane is a previous gravity plate inspector slaving in a factory for the Grays. He’s also a rebel at heart and wants nothing more than to start a rebellion against the Grays. The chance came when he was told to report for induction into the military as a Major Commissar for the Grays and North Koreans. He’s already a member of the Ministery of State Security (MSS) since he had a alien impact stuck in his brain at childhood. His mother OK’ed the implant hoping that it would keep her son safe and feed while everyone else on Earth suffered under the repressive Grays and their North Korean lackeys. That seemed to work. Kane grew up healthy or at least as healthy as a starving human can be. He had just enough food so he could grow normally and he didn’t have to fight for it. Since he had the implant, other humans don’t necessarily trust him, but he’s pretty much only associated with children and other humans who also were implanted.

The implant does help with identifying gravity fields. That’s what the Grays use to control most everything. They don’t have any kind of computers, but they are also naturally telepathic so they have a hive mind that works almost like a computer. Through gravity manipulation, they can control space ships and arrived at Earth with some pretty devastating weapons which quickly subdued defenseless Earth. Now, Dylan is about to go to war fighting for the Grays against the Trogs.

Only, he’s not going to do that. When he gets his chance, he takes over the ship he’s assigned to and starts his own war against all the Grays and Trogs. He’s now part of the “Free Army” which is supposed to be a huge secret rebel military organization getting ready to get rid of the Grays and Trogs from the Solar System. He’s pretty successful in getting his ship to become more than it should be. Although he’s never have any formal military or leadership training, he seems to be a natural at both although he takes far too many personal risks to suit Sergeant Brice. Sgt Brice has become his right hand and fights along side Kane. Sgt Brice is a veteran of many Gray/Human battles with most ending badly for the Humans. Still, he’s a surviver and he believes that Kane is one also.

So, in this book, they have taken and secured the “Potato”, an asteroid where a Free Army base was supposed to be operational and have done some scouting looking for where the Trogs might be since they left Earth. They also run into something else while on a scouting mission. It shouldn’t be there, but it is and now they have some renewed hope. Only the Trogs have found the main Free Army base on Callisto. It seems to be defenseless, caught with their pants down and now it’s being destroyed. What used to be a significant force of space ship and troops are now no more than dust particles. Using their massive rail guns of the Trog ships, the thirty or so ships destroy everything. Unlike the “Potato” where Kane was located, Callisto is not a deep base. It only goes down two levels and both of them are smashed beyond further use.

This all was caused by some inept leadership in the Free Army. It appears that most of the leaders are similar to Colonel Blair, an idiot good at administrative tasks, but utterly incompetent when it comes to tactical thinking. With the demise of Callisto, she thinks she’s in charge and orders all the remaining Free Army space ships to find the Trogs at their base on Ceres. Unfortunately, there’s only twenty-five Free Army space ships and none of them have any armament. They’re built to ram Trog ships. She doesn’t see this as a self defeating tactic. Someone competent has to finally take charge of the Free Army if they are to even think about winning this war! Will Kane finally do it??

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