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“Transition of Order”


5 Small Stars
Transition of Order

I wasn’t sure about the first book in this series, “Momentary Stasis”. That title didn’t have much to do with the story, yet the story was very good. It was more of a spy novel than anything although there were a number of commando type raids involved. The title to this book doesn’t make much sense either until you get to the very end. I hope you can figure it out.

Jack Rimes is now a brand new Lieutenant, seemingly with a lot of power. He’s a former commando and certainly a special forces operator who has to eventually prove himself as an officer. He’s also a family man who seems to dwell on the wellbeing of his family a little to much and too often (in my opinion). He and his wife were married while he was in the service, so she has no excuse for not knowing what kind of life they were going to have. He’s gone a lot and it’s getting worse. Now as a 2nd Lt., you’d think things would be getting better for both of them. Unfortunately, they also have two small children, and like most young couples, they are struggling to make ends meet. Still, he has a job to do, a mission to complete. If you’re not sure how military families face these kinds of situations, this book gives a pretty good insight. It’s tough to keep a marriage together while in the military, but many do and many don’t.

Now, back to the mission. Jack is fighting the “genies”. As we learned in the first book, “genies” are laboratory created humans using human DNA and modified genetics. They are usually stronger, faster, and smarter than normal humans. They are also treated as lab experiments and in the early stages, when things didn’t go right, they were summarily destroyed if found defective. These are sentient beings and now they are not going to stand around and accept their fate. They are in revolt and wish to leave Earth to creat their own civilization. Yet, they seem to be doing everything they can to destroy all normal humans. They have even declared that genies and humans cannot exist together. So, in comes Jack Rimes with his idea of forming an Elite Reaction Force capable of successfully fighting against these genies. He and his units that he’s trained are the first un-enhanced humans to take on the genies and defeat them. So Jack is out to prove that his ERF concept is valid, can work and can successfully provide a defense against the genies. If only he and his current unit can survive this next mission.

The story is pretty exciting. There are some things going on that have people being controlled by telepaths and some times you’re not sure who is doing what to whom, but it does get sorted out in the end. Jack is some how resistant to most telepathic “pushes”. Other people are not and that can make the do things they don’t know they’re doing or wouldn’t normally do at that particular moment. So, when something strange happens in the middle of a normal paragraph, it’s probably brought on by a genie attack of some kind. Interesting reading. I think this story has a lot of potential although I believe there is only one more book in the series.

I’ve already picked up book 3, “Awakening to Judgement”. I’m looking forward to reading it.

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