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“Even Legends Die”


5 Small Stars
Even Legends Die

I wasn’t sure about reading this book.  I didn’t want any of the main characters to die and that’s what the title sounded like.  Someone important was going to die sometime in this book. I certainly didn’t want it to be Gen. Erik Cain.

There were two great men in this series, Erik Cain and his boss, Elias Holm, both Generals who often fought as privates!  They both came up through the ranks and fought their enemies with strong determination.  Gen Holm taught Gen Cain all about being a senior leader through numerous battles.  It wasn’t always easy because Erik Cain was always head strong and wanted to rush into battle with little preparation.  But with Gen Holm as his mentor, Erik Cain turned into a warrior that brought terror to his enemies just at the mention of his name.

Now both Generals find their armies in planetary-wide combat with an enemy that is as well trained or better trained than his own Marines.  Come to find out, these Shadow troopers have the memories of long dead Marines now in a clone body.  Only these clones have no fear of death.  They were made by Gavin Stark, the former top spy for the Earth government who planned and executed his own death.  Now with visions of conquest in his mind and a clone army capable of executing his imperial plan, all he needs to do is finish off Gen Cain and Gen Holms on the two planets they have decided to protect.  Neither has access to a resupply and the Marines they have now, are all they will every get.

But, there are things going on that even Gavin Stark isn’t aware of.  Things that just might come to the aid of not only one General but maybe both. It would be nice if both Gen Cain and Gen Holms could defeat the Shadow Legends but, as the book title indicates, one of them will surely die!

You’ll have to read the book to find out which one.  It’s great reading so at least you’ll enjoy that part!

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