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“The First Imperium”


5 Small Stars
The First Imperium

How in the heck do you defeat machines? They have no heart, no feelings, and don’t really die since they aren’t living in the first place. That’s the problem facing Gen Caine and his Marines in this new war.

An older than dirt semi-sentient AI has awakened to the fact that his far flung empire is no longer by itself. These new beings have settled on his worlds without permission and they must be eradicated at once. Initially, nothing is heard about this new problem since the worlds threatened are way out on the rim of human expansion. But soon, word comes that colony worlds with little to defend themselves are being totally destroyed by what appears to be an Android or machine army.

The Fleet is sent to find out what’s going on and soon finds itself in a battle for it’s life. The First Imperium has some pretty powerful ships ripping through the Alliance Fleet. Under Admiral Garrett, the Combined Powers Fleet is getting is backside whopped. They are falling back but must stop somewhere and then stop this massive alien advance.

Far Point Station is chosen as the “line in the sand” where humanity much figure out how to defeat the forces of the First Imperium. On the ground, it’s up to Gen Caine and his Marines to face these unfeeling monsters who don’t know the meaning of defeat! His forces dig in and start doing what they have learned, do the unexpected, be imagitative and don’t be routine. The one fault of the machine is that it can’t think outside the box like a human.

The fighting is excellent in this book. The idea of throwing one time enemies into the same miltiary formation is really impossible, but Cane must do the impossible. He must put aside his personal bigotry and use the troops he has available. Unfortunatley, he learns this lesson a little too late. One of his closest friends must pay the price.

If you like fast action and lots of fighting, this is the book to read. How Gen Cane is going to succeed on this battlefield is something you really want to read about!

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