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“Decent into Darkness”


5 Small Stars

If there was ever a series I was reluctant to read, it’s this one. And I mean that in a good way. I’m so tired of war! The Confederation now lead by Admiral Tyler Barron have been fighting for ages and it has worn them and me completely out! Believe me, that’s a very, very good series when you get so emotionally involved that you feel the effects through every book.

We are fighting the Highborn, a race of humans genetically built to be superior to other humans in order to ensure mankind didn’t kill themselves off. Yet, these Highborn see other humans as inferior and need to enslaved to server the Highborn. There’s no, “Can’t we all just get along together?”. The Highborn believe they were made to rule all humanity and that’s what they are going to do. The only thing in their way right now it this irritating bunch of Rim-worlders and what’s left of the Hegemony!

Admiral Barron, the de facto leader of the Alliance, Confederation and Hegemony military has established himself at Forward Base Striker. This, he knows, is where he and his allies will meet the next attack of the Highborn. That may be the final attack for a number of people, mostly his people including himself. Whether they can stand against this attack is pretty well known. If they Highborn have reinforced their numbers then it’s over, if not, they have a chance. Either way, Tyler Barron believes he’s just stalling the inevitable. They cannot win this war by militarily defeating the Highborn. They Highborn have too many assets and they are too advanced. Even now Admiral Barron knows that he’s just fighting a portion of the Highborn since they have another war front in which they are also fighting another enemy. How that war is going, Tyler doesn’t know, and he doesn’t care. All he cares about is surviving this war, well, he cares that his people survive. He’s not convinced that he, himself must survive.

Still, there is one other option open to Admiral Barron, but he absolutely does not want to us that option. Yet, Andi, his wife and warrior in her own right, has already decided that his option is the only viable way of ending this war, forever. She must some how convince Tyler that her option is the one they must focus on now, even it if won’t work, they must try.

So, the last great battle is set. Will Admiral Tyler Barron’s forces prevail or will he be forced to go to the final option? That’s what the book is all about. It is a good one and one that will lead to the final book. I can’t wait!

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