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5 Small Stars


Admiral Tyler Barron and the Confederation is facing its pending destruction.  The Hegemony is on the move and the Confederation is in disarray!  The next target for the Hegemony is the capital planet of the Confederation, Megera.  In addition to that pending doom, the Confederation and Admiral Barron just lost their senior military commander, Admiral Vann Striker.  Now it looks like Tyler Barron will have to shoulder that load as well as his own command.  But, he doesn’t want the job, not yet anyway.  He feels that he needs to be leading the fight, not back at some HQ waiting for the enemy.  So, they bring retired Admiral Dustin Nguyen out of retirement to command all Confederation military ops.  He is a famous warrior who fought along side the famous Admiral Barron, Tyler Barron’s Grandfather.
The one thing you should remember from the previous books in this series, is that the Hegemony has far superior technology and an almost unimaginable supply of starships.  They have battleships with rail guns that far out-range the Confederations primary weapon, but they do not have starfighters!  And that has been their Achilles heal so far, but it’s not been enough.  Captain Jake Stockton has been placed in command of all Confederation starfighter operations and he has done a fantastic job, but the number of starfighters available is slowly dwindling down.
Admiral Tyler has got to come up with something.  He assigns Captain Andi Lafarge a mission to go to the Institute and rescue several top scientist that were working madly on some advanced weaponry.  She was then to take them to the Calvus System and planet Craydon.  This was one of the seven heavily industrial planets of the Confederation core.  It was the major ship building center for the Confederation and they were working at a frantic pace to produce more starships.  They needed the scientist there to make any modifications that might help in this war.  Andi felt that Tyler was just giving her a mission to keep her out of the coming battles and he was, but this was something that needed to be done.
In addition to this special mission, Admiral Sara Eaton was directed to go to the far Rim independent “empires” and tell them of the Hegemony and warn them that their assistance was required now or they would soon be destroyed just like the Confederation.  Whether or not she could convince of pompous fools to believe her was her challenge.  Then again, we’re back to Dannith with the dwindling Marine resistance who are about done for.  They have one last mission planed, but even it it succeeds, it will be the end of the resistance on Dannith.
As you can see, there is a lot going on in this book.  It did seem to be a long book, but it was very exciting.  The Confederation is in a fight for its life, and then the Union decides it’s time to try and ally with the Hegemony and get a piece of the Confederation while they can.  That plan doesn’t go as well as they would have liked.
This story isn’t over yet.  Although we’ve gone through 10 books already, we’re just now getting to a possible end of the Hegemony piece.  I don’t know if there’s one final battle or if the Hegemony will be attacked back home by the “Others” or what might happen.  Things do look a little brighter for the Confederation, but they still have a long way to go.

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