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“Red Team Alpha”


5 Small Stars
Red Team Alpha

Well, I knew this would be an exciting and well written book since Jay Allan is one of my very favorite authors. I’ve read dozens of his books and each one was a winner. This one is no different.

We get to meet a new team of warriors. These are combat veterans that have done it all and survived. Well, all except one. They are all Martians, not not the green men kind of Martians, but humans who colonized Mars and now have built it to stand on it’s own. This teams of warriors is the elite of the Martian military and is know as Red Team Alpha.

On the previous mission, Colonel Warren, the founder and commander of Red Team Alpha was killed. This struck the team hard, but they were veterans and knew they would have to get over it. The second in command, now Colonel Reginald was now the commander and they had to contend with one other change. A rookie, fresh out of training was now assigned to Red Team Alpha, the very first time in it’s history that a veteran wasn’t filling a spot on the roster. The other team members didn’t like it one bit. They showed their anger by retaliating against the rookie Lieutenant every chance they got. The Lieutenant, Alexander (Alex) Vandenberg, had been the top of his graduating class. He had the best scores of anyone that went through training. He was good, but he was also a rookie to a very, very veteran team. That they didn’t like it is an understatement.

Then a new mission comes up, one that Roderick Vance, Mars Intelligent Director, felt that Red Team Alpha had to be assigned due to is sensitive nature and the great unknown they would face. He was also worried that the Earth Alliance would learn of this new missions objective and they would be sending a far larger team which could result in direct combat. If so, Vance, wanted the best Mars could put on the ground to defend the target. Red Team Alpha would go and do the job.

The story doesn’t have much background which is find if you’re familiar with “The Crimson Worlds Series”. There you find out what kind of messed up planet Earth has turned into and a lot about the Intelligence Directorate which is a cut-throat, kill anyone, organization. It’s ran by Gavin Stark, a megalomaniac who is just beginning to put his ungodly plan into action. You can bet that he will have his minions going towards the same planet that Mar’s Red Team Alpha has an objective. This actions happens just prior to Gavin Stark’s rise to power.

I liked the story, but not sure I’m really thrilled with the ending. There could be more books in the Red Team series, but it won’t contain the same characters. I’ll let you figure that out. Still, whatever Jay Allan writes, I’ll be reading it as long as it’s not a short story which I don’t care for. This is a very good read. I would recommend it highly.

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