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“Reconquest: Mother Earth”


5 Small Stars
Reconquest: Mother Earth

Well, this one starts out kind of strange. Our Hero, Mitch Grace, who happens to be a Navy Lieutenant and a Navy Seal is called back to his base to deal with the arrival of aliens within the motor pool compound. He takes to this one alien who identified itself as the Minister of Science and he asks Mitch open the motor pool gate and let him and his alien colleagues in. Of course, Mitch says he’s not going to do that until he gets orders from his superiors.

From that point on, our hero is a non-player for the next five years. The Earth is over ran by aliens who have far, far superior physical abilities and weapons than anything on Earth. It takes about two weeks for the entire Earth to be conquered and it’s population reduced to almost nothing. The militaries of Earth just couldn’t stand up against the technology brought in by the aliens. Once the military was eliminated, then the Humans were rounded up and forced to work as slaves in the mines that the aliens setup. Other Humans went into hiding and plan on staying there for ever!

Until, our hero wakes up from his coma that he’s been in for the past five years. It’s surprising that he’s not dead. In the initial brake-out from the motor pool compound, Mitch was literally ran over by a creature resembling an armored elephant on much, much larger. He was also stepped on, or at least the back of his head was and that’s mostly what cause the coma. Fortunately, not all aliens are completely bad and one in particular finds Mitch and takes care of him for the next five years! This alien is something of a doctor, a very advanced doctor who has some very advance medical procedures which is the only reason Mitch makes a recovery.

Now that he’s recovered, he has only one thing on his mind. He wants to take back Mother Earth and make the aliens pay for their invasion. That is his new mission. And as you know, once given a mission, Navy Seals never stop until it’s completed, successfully!

How he goes about finding other Humans and getting them to help him in his seemingly impossible task, is the bulk of the story. It’s a very interesting story and somewhat plausible if the aliens did in-fact act very much like humans. The aliens are on Earth for one thing and one thing only; profit! They intend to get rich selling Earths natural resources and using free human manpower any way that will make a buck. Most humans have accepted their fate and have lost the will to fight back, but not Mitch.

The story has some twist and turns that were unexpected. Mitch has to fight for his life on several occasions but not like you might think. He does met other aliens who definitely do help him out. In the end, I’ll only say, that Mtch’s best weapon turns out to be lawyers!

Good writing and great editing. This is a complete book in that I don’t see this as a series. It finishes very nicely and doesn’t leave the reader hanging. I liked the book very much.

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