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“Love Conquers All”


3 Small Stars
Love Conquers All

This is an “Ok” book and start of a series. The writing is kind of, what’s a good word, ah, simplistic! There are a lot of stuff that the author just says happens, no scientific basis or anything to reasonable make you believe what is happening could ever happen. And the stuff that he does try to explain is just down right stupid. It’s like he’s making stuff up and you go along with it just to see the story keep going.

I don’t know if the author(s) have ever been in charge of anything because they just assume things will happen due to an eighteen year old having some unusual abilities. And later, when the fighting gets started, they give this very young character a vast knowledge of military tactics which comes from where?

I keep thinking that the writing style was like something I did in high school. I wasn’t very good at it either.

Still, I’ll keep reading just to see how things turn out but I’m already sure that each book will end with a happy ending.

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