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“The Power of the Queen”


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Power of the Queen

The author has to be a want-to-be accountant! I have never read a book or any book that was so focused on numbers as is this author and his stories! His descriptions of space battles are so comical that they are childish to read. I cannot understand how the author can so easily overlook that his numbers he so easily quotes are ships filled with beingings of one species or another which are dying by the thousands as though there is an unlimited supply of them. He assumes that entire worlds can be involved in instantaneous discussions and can make agreements in a very short time. He has his story changing social structures that have been in existence for centuries, over night! It ain’t gonna’ happen.

If you want to read a ridiculous story line and you like to keep hard scores, and you are obsessed with numbers, then these are the books for you. I’ll read a few more because I like stories that continue through several books, no matter how bad the writing may be!

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