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This is a strange book. It seems like it’s two or three books rolled into one or maybe two, I don’t know. You’ll have to decide what you think about this rambling story and all the places it takes you.

First we start with a Nether Ops Agent, Andien Broxin, who managed to kidnap Captain Keel’s entire crew and got them stuck on an alien ship that is controlled by am intelligent AI species called the Cybar. This is a huge starship that is packed with deadly war bots. In order to get free from this ship, Andien, has to get to the control room and take command of the ship. She is being helped by a friendly Cybar called Praxus. Her job isn’t going to be easy.

Then we, for some strange reason, shift to a bunch of kids playing arcade games in a video arcade who know’s where! There is quite a discussion about the kids who call themselves the “Eternals” led by a young man named Crometheus. In this part of the book, it seems like the arcade game these kids are playing is actually the same thing that Andien and Praxus are experiencing aboard the Cybar mothership. These kids have to fight the Cybar Titans while attempting to reach the command center and then destroy the VIP targets which seem to be Andien and Praxis. This whole part of the book doesn’t make sense.

Then we’re taken way out to what we now know is a Savage starship that has captured Prisma and Crash, her war bot. She is in the company of several Republic soldiers, one of which killed her father although she doesn’t know that at first. What they are apparently trying to do is get off this ship which is controlled by Archimedes, a Savage AI, who is running simulations that are the same fight Andien and Praxis are waging on the Cybar starship. Archimedes wants these soldiers to prove that the Cybar starship can be captured or not. Either way, if the Republic soldiers attempt this simulation and survive, he’s agreed to let them leave the ship. Prisma has seen the return of her Mother whom she thought was dead. How she is now here and aboard this ship is an unexplained mystery, but she apparently can defeat Archimedes who cannot keep her or Prima on this ship any longer.

Now, after you go through all that, we’re thrown on to planet Kima with Masters, a Dark Ops operator now assigned to the Dark Ops detachment on the planet. There is a large contingent of MCR (Mid-Core Rebels) on the planet stirring up trouble. They have pretty much convinced the indigent Kimbra natives to side with them and reject Republic control. Of course there is another faction of Kimbra that want to stay with the Republic so it appears that a very nasty civil war could start at any moment. Masters is there to help the local Dark Ops contingent figure out how big the threat is an to neutralize it if possible, but it gets too big and starts a war.

So, all these things are taking place in this one single book that is divided into two parts, but the parts don’t make any sense. It’s just a bunch of stories that don’t end so Galaxy’s Edge will continue with book 14, “Remains”, that is available on Amazon and already on my reading list. I got to see this stuff all figured out one way or another!

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