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“Dark Victory”


Dark Victory

Last time we were with Captain Ford, he was fighting for his and Garret’s lives on some space station when he met up with Zora, another bounty hunter. But, she wasn’t after the bounty that had been placed on Wraith. She assisted him and Garret in getting off the space station alive. What that was happening, the Indelible VI was in serious trouble with Leenah at the controls. She was getting shot up something terrible and if she didn’t do something quick, the ship and her were going to be destroyed. So she jumped. A blind jump to who knows where.

We go aboard the Indelible VI and find out just how bad a shape the ship is. It’s drifting in deep space close to nothing. Leenah has came to and finds herself trapped in the ships cockpit. It’s sealed since the back side of the ship had so many holes in it that there was no way an atmosphere could be maintained. While she didn’t know the extent of that damage, she knew that she was low on power and low on everything else. She couldn’t get the navigation console running without power and she knew that the air and live support systems wouldn’t last long on their own. What she needed to do was get some kind of broadcast going so someone could find her. She didn’t exactly know who that someone might be, but she was certainly going to die if she wasn’t found and soon!

Captain Ford has Honey, the Nether Ops agent that should have a lot information he’s seeking or at least know how to find what he wants to know. She’s not necessarily going to give him everything he wants, but she’s willing to do as much as she can to keep from getting turned over to Mr. Nilo and Jack. Jack, Mr. Nilo’s spy, knows that Honey was involved in getting him almost killed, so he wants to return the favor. Captain Ford is supposed to meet up with and join Mr. Nilo Black Leaf forces, but he’s got some other things to do first. And one of them was to meet up with his former Dark Ops/Legionaries Kill Team Victory.

We bounce back out to Prisma and Ravi on the derelict Savage starship doing something the weird AI in control of the ship is generating. I’m not sure what this part of the book is doing although we do get to hear from Prisma’s mother and that’s kind of surprising. She turns out to be pretty powerful, but not so much that Ravi and Prisma re free to go back to find Captain Ford and Leenah. That’s what Prisma now wants to do, but she’s got to get off this ship first.

Back to Captain Ford, he’s enlisted the aid of his former Dark Ops team now headed by Bear to help him find more Nether Ops operators that might know something about this Kill Team Ice that he was supposed to have been a part of a long, long time ago. He has no recollection of every being on any time like that, but there are strong indications that he was there along with Tyrus Rechs.

Zora and Garret had been left with Mr. Nilo and his organization to be kept safe. Additionally, Mr. Nilo and Garret were apparently geek-heads and shared some very similar skills. While Garret was messing around in Mr. Nilo’s luxury space yacht, he stumbled across a beacon that he recognized as coming from the Indelible VI. So, he convinced Mr. Nilo to go follow that signal and see if they could find Leenah and the Indelible VI. Garrett had never given up on the idea that Leenah was still alive and now he had more hope that ever. Only things are not turning out so well for Leenah. Someone has found her alright, but it’s probably the worst case scenario that could possible happen to her. The Gamorri have taken her and the Indelible VI aboard their huge slave ship and were headed to a slave auction out on the edge of the galaxy.

So, there’s a lot of stuff going on with this book and it’s kind of long, but the reading is easy and very interesting. I’m not sure what this Kill Team Ice is all about, but there are some strange things going on with a few of our characters. They should be very, very old, but they are not and why can’t they remember an apparently significant part of their existence? More to come in book 13, “Convergence”, available for pre-order or wait until 16 November 2021.

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