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“Sword of the Legion”


5 Small Stars

Well! This has been one hell of a week! I’m actually writing this on 21 Feb 21 since I apparently forgot to make a note to write the review on the day I finished this book. Anyway, I’m going to catch up now. I live in San Antonio, Tx and we just went through a winter storm that just about wiped a lot of us out! My home was without power for a good four days in sub-freezing weather. For three of those days, we also lost our water and even now we have to boil any water we want to drink. Thanks goodness for bottled water! I don’t like freezing! There just aren’t enough blankets in a house to keep you warm when the temp gets down to 9 degrees (F) or lower.  I know a lot of you probably have conditions worse than this and it’s a usual winter for you. Well, that might be because you are prepared for a hard winter, whereas Texas is absolutely NOT! We don’t usually get below freezing much during our normal winters so we don’t pay much attention to getting prepared for it. And this week, we paid the price!  Ok, so enough of that.

This book continues the Galaxy’s Edge story and gets back to the original small unit team with an assigned mission. The only thing different is that Kill Team Victory gets to meet up with Captain Aeson Keel who used to be (and still is) Captain Ford of the Legion Dark Ops. He was a former member of the Kill Team Victory, but left to go on his own for awhile, but has decided to come back and assist on this new mission. Capt Chhun is now the leader of Dark Ops Kill Team Victory. His mission is to got to Terrago Prime and destroy the shipyards. As you read in the last book, “Attack of Shadows”, Goth Sullus and his Shock Troops invaded Terrago Prime and its moon, killing the Legion contingency located there and capturing the shipyards so far intact. The Republic couldn’t let Goth Sullus establish a starship product with these shipyards, so Kill Team Victory was going in to make sure those shipyards became just so much more space junk. Capt Keel and his Indelible VI ship were going to be the transportation for Kill Team Victory.

This teaming was a good thing and everyone was looking to get the job done and get out of the Terrago Prime area. The plan was that the Kill Team with Captain Ford, would go into the shipyards and plant the bombs and destroy the reactors to blow everything up. They would leave the Indelible VI with its crew to ensure their retrieval and escape, although things didn’t work out just that way. It seems there is another faction attempting to track down young Prisma Maydoon. She is a little girl that just might be the trigger that reveals the Doomsday Fleet which also just might be the only thing that will save the Republic from Goth Sullus’s reign! Neither Captain Chhun nor Captain Ford (Keel) know the tie-in between the young Prisma and the Doomsday Fleet, but they are about to find out.

Sad to say, we see some of the characters in this book get killed. The assault on the Doomsday Fleet wasn’t very well thought out and Goth Sullus’s minions were there waiting for them. Overall, this was a very good story and the kind that I expected from this series. There’s still more to come in future books and I hope the entire team stays together, but something will have to be done about having two Captains within the same Kill Team. That won’t work out very well so it’ll be interesting to see how that is fixed. Additionally, Prisma is much more than she appears to be and I’m not sure what the deal is with the Ravi, a kind of ghost hanging around Prisma now. And, Oh, yeah, the Doomsday Fleet is fully autonomous ran by a very intelligent AI. Too bad it has gone insane!

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