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“WayWard Galaxy 4”


Wayward Galaxy 4

The people on planet Amir just can’t seem to calm down and work together on much of anything. And now they’ve got a Reclamation Team coming to exterminate everyone and burn the planet down. If you’ve followed the story so far, you know that the Ossay are the original colony expedition that came to settle on Amir with the expectation that other colony teams would eventually come and grow the initial group to a size that could become self-sustaining after a few generations. It didn’t happen that way. The Boone got stuck in warp space and was there for over four hundred years. Most of the crew were in stasis so they didn’t die-off. In fact, one in particular was given the time to become very well enhanced by Dr. Roman, the resident “mad scientist” of the colony expeditionary group. That person was Jared Reach, a inactive Marine, but now semi-active since everyone of the military Ranger colonist thought of his as one of their own. That was driven into their subconscious minds while they were in cryo-sleep just as Jared was enhanced in his.

Now Jared is one of the leaders of the American colony trying to merge the remnants of the original colonist with his mostly military colony survivors from the Boone. But, they have problems from the start. It seems that the Russo Chinese Pacific Alliance (RUPAC) attempted to colonize Amir at about the same time as the US did, but their colony also failed to establish a foothold. Their colonist were mostly military RUPAC soldiers who were initially abandon and became scavengers and a major threat to the Ossay community (original American colonist).

The Ossay were saved from the attacks by the RUPAC and the native wild life mostly by the efforts of one slight deranged robot named Brody. Even to this day, he still protects and defends the Ossay and all the American colonist. Sometimes he can become quite annoying and he has a habit of adding conversation where and when it’s not needed. Still, he is a killing machine and with the RUPAC now more and more interested in Amir, Brody’s skills have been very useful.

Still, this story is about Jared Reach’s and the Ossay attempt to meet some of the other abandoned colonist on other parts of Amir and see if they can cooperate and even come together to fight against the coming RUPAC Reclamation Team. Already, advanced parties of “Ghost” recon teams have been arriving on Amir and are causing quite a lot of trouble for everyone. These “Ghost” operate just like that. They have super advanced camouflage equipment that allow the to move about almost like they were invisible. Their job is to disrupt the activities of any colonist on Amir, to make the colonist distrust one another and even to get the various colony factions to start fighting amongst themselves.

Reach and a team are going to make contact with a thought to be Russian mafia outfit that might be willing to trade with the Ossay and even fight with them when the Reclamation Team arrives. What he finds is promising, but then the Ghost team from the RUPAC starts causing all sorts of trouble.

This has a lot of different action in the story. Sometimes it’s kind of hare to keep up with who’s doing what. Still, the main characters are all the same from book to book and so far, we haven’t lost anyone of them. Let’s hope that trend continues, but it might not because the Reclamation Team is about ready to land and attack the planet. There’s not a whole lot of assets for the Ossay to use against this team so it could well result in the end of everything.

I don’t thing this is the end of the story, but I also don’t see a book 5 in the works. Still, that’s got to cover the landing of the RUPAC Reclamation Team and a huge final battle for the planet Amir.

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