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“Starship Freedom”


Starship Freedom

I just finished reading one of the worst books I have ever read.  I  honestly can’t believe I finished reading it. This book is science fiction book, but its reading level must have topped out at about 5 or 6 year olds! I hope no one who reads science fiction thinks this book was worth the paper it was written on! I just didn’t like this book at all.

What’s it about. Well, it’s supposed to be about some ancient old starship that played a significant part in winning World War III. It apparently did a great job in that war and won all the accolades that it should, but that war is now long over. Unfortunately, the former Captain of the ship, Commander James King, hasn’t left his command.  Nether has his XO or Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander Larry Jordan. Now these guys have to be old, I mean real old and why they are still on this ship is something I’m still not sure about.  They are still apparently members of the Alliance Space Navy and some where on this vast ship is a crew that does some kind of military duties of some sort, but this great ship has become a joke!  It’s a floating museum complete with its own fake crew. Various desks on this old starship have been contracted out to civilian business so they can make money from tourist. The starship Freedom, as its called, is nothing but a floating casino and amusement park and has no real military function. So why is there a Captain (who calls himself “Commander”) still on-board this ship and why hasn’t it been decommissioned as it should have been and either sold to these civilian companies or used for scrap at the orbiting space shipyards!

Oh, and we also have a deep, deep space station called Rubicon (Space) Station which has only two people on it, an American and a Russian. This is supposed to be an early warning station in case something comes from the depths of space that humanity has not yet explored! But, this outpost is also a joke because no one ever figured it would be of any use and so it was just a show of how the Alliance and the Red Dawn could get along and do something together other than fight!  Well, right now it’s current crew consist of a alcoholic Russian and a sniveling coward of an American who doesn’t want to be there. Then, surprise, they see something coming from the depths of space!

So now we find out that it just so happens to be Christmas Day!  What has been reported by Rubicon Station gets cut off in transmission which really didn’t matter since no one was listening to it anyway. Everyone on Earth are all busy with Christmas activities even those who apparently have nothing to do with the Christian religion! And since Commander James King, Captain of the starship Freedom never has anything to do, he manages to intercept the message and now understands that Earth my be under attack very soon. So, he tries to warn everyone on Earth, but no one will listen, absolutely no one. Therefore his next logical act it to prepare for the coming invasion by getting the starship Freedom ready to fight. Only, this thing is a museum and has no ammo of any kind, its fighter wing(s) have only stunt pilots and it also has thousands of drunk and semi-drunk tourist all over its main decks! Yet, Commander King is going to fight the great threat coming to Earth!  We’re all dead!

What a crock of stupidity. This book is so badly written that it must have started out as a proposed comedy or something. Every paragraph sounds like it was made for some of those old, old Batman and Robin TV shows with the “Bang!”, “Biff!”, and “Boom!” icons all over the place. It’s just a very bad and hard to read book, again, all in my humble opinion. I think I’m writing this review in hopes that whomever reads it will not waste their time in reading the entire book like I did. It is a total waste of time.  And with that, I’m not going to waste much more time writing this review on a terrible, terrible book. It’s not the worst book I’ve ever read, but it comes very close. You have been warned!  Good luck!

Oh, yeah, I also read a series title, “Earthrise” by Daniel Arenson and I got to book 8 before it got pretty stupid and ridiculous, so I should have know this author had the potential to screw this book up also. But, I’m certainly not going to be reading the second book in this series. I don’t care how many humans the giant spiders eat! It’s stupid!

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