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5 Small Stars

The continuation of the first book “Slabscape: Reset”.  they go together pretty well.  In this book, we again find Dielle still trying to cope with a place he knows nothing about.  Louie is also still trying to cut deals with Sis and the idiotic Council.  So, if you liked what you read in the first book, then you’ll be right at home in this new one.

Dielle is still trying to find out if he is really a musician or not.  He is supposed to have his first “gig” but he kind of chickens out!  Not surprising.  Sis can’t pump enough stuff into his system to calm him down so he runs out on the show!  Of course, that makes the group/band even that much more popular.  Don’t ask me to explain it.

Louie on the other hand is having a big problem.  He’s trying to figure out what is trying to tell Slabscape to STOP!   Yeah, there’s a huge  and I mean huge sign directly in the path of Slabscape that says Stop right in the middle.  Who put it there?  Don’t know.  But, Louie and Sis know they cannot stop because at their  current speed it would take about 40 some Earth years to do so!  I’m not going to explain any of this.  Ask the author.

I like this book because the writing was entertaining.  There’s a undercurrent of humor in the story that just makes you want to continue reading.  Things on Slabscape work in really strange ways.  The population is perpetually drugged so they don’t really see any danger in anything.  Oh, they know about the alien war that’s going on some place behind them but they don’t worry about it because it’s not in their faces.  But, as humans tend to do, when we have something to fight, we develop the best weapons and other stuff that we can.  But, then again, Sis is the only one talking about the war.  It’s fought remotely and no one has actually ever seen the enemy.  Maybe they told Slabscape to STOP?

There is one part of the story that is really strange.  Dielle does run off due to stage fright but he’s actually derailed by the Unkos.  These are the people that live at the very bottom of Slabscape and they are really, really, really strange. Or are they?

Again, I liked the book but I didn’t like the ending.  Everything is over.  You need to read the book and see what you think.  I don’t see a sequel with this storyline but I guess they are trying spins-offs but, as for me, I’m done.


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