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[This was a book provided by the author’s publisher for my reading and review. This review is fully my own, in my own words.]

It is good that I have my PHD in quantum physics and social dynamics of alien species (I’m lying!). Neither of which helped me a bit in understanding this book! Don’t get me wrong, this book is very, very entertaining, an excellent read, but, you better be a very, very dedicated science fiction book fan or your head will split open after reading the first several chapters. Oh, chapters can be as short as a page or two, so read more than several!

I think every guy I know would love to wake up some day in the future and find themselves 6 ft. 5-1/2 in. tall and very good looking! Yeah, admit, you would (unless of course you got lucky the first time around)! Well, our main character has just been unfrozen and is being cared for by a very good looking, ah, nurse! And he’s got a new body with the dimension I identified above plus he has very large hands. Of course this has got to be a dream, right. Well, no it isn’t.

You have just been thawed out after 300+ years and are on a gigantic spaceship headed for some where a long ways away. This spaceship houses over 32 million former citizens of Earth who have been living here for several centuries. Society aboard this spaceship has evolved to what you might consider strange; no, you will consider strange! And that’s putting it mildly.

Oh, and you’re a movie/daytime soap opera star. Everything you do, say and even feel is recorded and broadcast as entertainment for the 32 million citizens on Slabscape. And I mean EVERYTHING!

There is one part early in the book that I want to specifically point out. It’s called the “Life Disclaimer”! You have to read it and say, “I AGREE”, nothing more! Have your children read it and your Grandchildren read it and then get them to say “I AGREE” or better yet, get them to sign something that says, “I AGREE”. Read the book at least to 12% through as indicated on my Kindle HDX.

This book is very well written. If you can get past some of the explanations on how things work, worked, will work on Slabscape, then you’ll certainly enjoy this book. It has some underlying humor that you’ll get used to eventually. Just keep an open mind as you read and try not to let this book drive you crazy!

I have the second book and I’m going to dive into it immediately!

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