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“The Hunting Season”


5 Small Stars
The Hunting Season

Harry PotterĀ© was a bedtime story for little kids; this one definitely is NOT! If you like your characters slightly weird and really, really strange, then this is the perfect book for you. Heck, the whole book is weird except for the story-line. Back to the Harry Potter thing, while there is references to spells and magic throughout the story, most of what you read about is blood and making people dead in a variety of ways!

There is a lot of fighting! That’s like saying there’s a lot of ants in an ant den! This is non-stop fighting using plasma rifles, grenade launchers, swords, and a wand or two. Oh, and the language is English, but I’m a former Sailor and I was blushing at some of the wording use by the female characters, no less. Stii, the language fits the story and certainly the characters. It’s even pretty funny at times.

See, this Weaponmaster, Dragon, (no, he’s not a real Dragon!) has to transport this young girl, lady, or woman, from one training Academy to another, during a war, in secret, without getting either her or himself killed. Not every mission the Weaponmaster has gone on lately has been successful, so he’s going to get some company. Hawk, happens to be his rival from the opposing Academy and his job is to determine if the Weaponmaster can cut it any more. That’s like walking around with a knife in your back!

Anyway, remember I said his mission was a secret? Well, turns out the only person who doesn’t know about his mission and every step of the way is, well…, there isn’t anybody. Every enemy soldier in the universe knows where he’s going and who he’s protecting. Of course, that doesn’t do them much good because the Weaponmaster has got his sister, Kim, with him and see loves to meet new guys and kill them! Kim brings along her friends and pretty soon you got two armies slaughtering everyone!

Ok, this kind of story isn’t really my type. I can’t handle magic and stuff like that. Also, when you start falling down during a fight because your stepping on severed heads, I’m outha’ there! The writing is good to great, but if you’re the Mary Poppins type, you’ve been warned!

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