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“The Last Dawn”


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The Last Dawn

Things have not settled down in the galaxy where the USS Midway starship patrols. While the Earth has survived an attack by the “future humans” or aliens, depending on your point of view, it appears that a sort of peace exists for now. Of course, it doesn’t last very long. Word has come in that something has happened to the planet Zenith and all it’s inhabitants are dead!

So, off goes Admiral Jack Mattis and the USS Midway. They have received word that an eyewitness to the Zenith disaster wants to meet with the Admiral in the middle of no-where space. It seems this eyewitness is not of a reputable character and he doesn’t want to be seen giving information to the government. So, the Midway is sent.

Unfortunately, there seems to be another party that doesn’t want this meeting to take place. He’s name is Spectre and he’s used to getting his way. So much so that he manages to get himself aboard the Midway although he’s eventually thrown in the brig where he should be. Spectre is expected to be an alien or in league with the “future-humans”. But why he wants to be with Admiral Mattis is a question that needs to be answered.

There has to be a confrontation with these “future-humans” at some point. When it will happen is unknown, but the Earth space forces must be ready because these future-humans have some very powerful weapons aboard their ships. If they managed to get a fleet or armada together, then it would probably be the end to the Midway and a lot of other Earth Defense forces.

This is once again a fast paced story with a lot of good space battles. It appears that the US military has finally realized that it’s not a good tactic to send one Earth starship out against one future-human starship. That might help them win some of these battles which they desperately need to do. Then again, are the future-humans just out to destroy everything or are they looking for something in particular?

Oh, and it doesn’t appear that this series is finished although there certainly is a part of it that’s gone. Enough said!

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