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“Seeds of a New Birth”


3 Small Stars
Seeds of a New Birth

Waring – Spoiler Alert!

Some guy named Flip manages to ‘break-into” a secret lab where his old college buddy, Lionel, is working on experiments with recombinant DNA. He just sweet talks the front door Secretary and gets into the lab, sneaking up on his buddy and yells, “Surprise”! Well, his buddy is a devoted scientist working on a super secret project in the quiet of the night in his lab by himself. This college buddy scares the bejesus of out him and he almost stumbles onto the floor. His buddy, surprised by the reaction, swings his arms wildly to keep himself from falling over and happens to know a beaker of fluid over on the lab countertop. The fluid gets on his clothes and possibly his hands.

So after recovering, his friend tells him he had better go to the bathroom and clean himself up and to make sure he washes his hands with soap and to not touch anything else on his way there. So, this guy Flip does what he’s told, but before washing he has to take a leak. Whatever he had on his hands is now transferred to his, ah, reproductive system. Nothing outward is showing so neither he nor his scientist buddy know that anything is wrong.

So, after exchanging small pleasantries, Flip leaves to go to his hotel. He gets the Secretary to agree to a date and picks her up later. This guy is something of a playboy and apparently very wealthy, but that’s never really discussed. He falls for the Secretary in a way he’s never fallen for another woman and that scares him. So, he does what most guys would do, he runs. He runs back to his old familiar life which turns out to be every man’s dream. You see he is seeing about seven other women, yeah, I said seven, in different cities. Each of these women are independent thinkers and high achievers. They don’t have time for normal relationships so when Flip comes to town, it’s party time until he leaves.

Well, he finds out that all these women know each other and they have agreed to “share” Flip. They call themselves his harem! Flip doesn’t like the idea that he’s being used like this (for whatever stupid reason) and he’s going to have one last fling with each one and then he’s done with all of them.

Except, each one of his ladies finds themselves very pregnant after Flips last visit! And, the Secretary also learns she’s knocked up too. Boy, is this guy in trouble! But then, all the women start showing rapid signs of their pregnancy. The child is growing at a phenomenal rate. At the end of just nine weeks, yeah, nine weeks, they begin to deliver.

For me, this is one of the stupidest books I have ever read and it’s going to be a series. I guess someone thought we didn’t have enough X-Men to go around, expect this might be called the Y-Women plus One. The actions of the main character, the scientist and those around him are ridiculous. They act like they can keep all eight women locked up in a research lab and then keep the kids away from the general public for as long as they want to do experiments to find out what happen. See, most of these women were either sterile or were on the pill very religiously! Flip, himself, had a vasectomy a long time ago. So how did he get anyone pregnant? How cares?

I’ll not be reading the next book in the series. I just don’t see any point in learning about the exploits of a bunch of nine to ten year old kids.

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