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5 Small Stars

Really, really like these books. Some of this stuff must be a re-cap of Col Brazee’s former life in Marines. You get a guy a prestigious award and it goes to his head. He becomes and insufferable A-hole and he’s the only one who doesn’t know it. I’m talking about Captain Ryck Lysander, UFMC and NOVA awardee. Yeah, he’s supposed to be our hero, but he’s not acting like anything he should be.

Thankfully, he’s got a new CO who doesn’t tolerate Prima Donna’s any more than anyone should. On Captain Lysander’s first mission, he acts like he’s afraid to move his men into harms way although if he doesn’t, a lot more Marines are liable to get killed. His CO finally convinces him that he needs to move his backside and get the mission done. That doesn’t set well with the young Captain. Back at base, the CO rightly tells Capt Lysander what he though of his actions and wasn’t very kind in doing so. It left Lysander fuming, thinking that he didn’t deserve the butt-chewing and wondering his new CO know who he was talking to.

You got that, right. A Captain thinks he knows better than his Commanding Office and a LTC (Lieutenant Colonel). Well, it’s about time someone started telling Captain Lysander his attitude needs to change or he won’t be a Federation Marine for much longer. The stuff really hits the fan when Lysander finds out he’s been selected for promotion to Major and wants to know his next duty assignment. This time it’s a full Colonel telling Ryck his new assignment which Ryck doesn’t like one little bit.

So, is our prima donna going to start pulling in his chips since he’s a real live hero, NOVA Star winner and combat veteran? Or is somebody going to finally set him down and tell him he’s due for an attitude adjustment big-time?

Read the book and find out. There is a lot of action interspersed along with all the personal problems. He’s got to get straightened out or him might find himself wearing civvies permanently. Great writing and it looks like it will continue. Thanks for the book, Colonel.

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