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I don’t know what the author’s native language is, but I do know it can’t be English! I got about about a quarter of the way into this book and I couldn’t stand it any longer. The sentence structure is way off; everything reads weirdly. I caught myself going back across many, many sentences trying to figure out what they meant. It’s too distracting to do that and keep concentrating on the story. I don’t know who edited this book, but in my humble opinion, it needs to be edited again and written like someone would talk; someone that talks in English as his native language, that is.

The story itself seems pretty weird. I believe a new set of genetically altered humans has been born who have special “powers”. These “Avaints” are required to be trained as pilots or ground support personnel to protect the rest of humanity from going to war, again. A quarter of the way into the book, I wasn’t sure why anyone of the main characters were doing what they were having to do or why.

This could be a good book if I could read it. I tried, but I’ve got took many other understandable books to read. Maybe some day I’ll come back and finish it, but most likely not!

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