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“That Which Other Men Cannot Do”


5 Small Stars
That Which Othe Men Cannot Do

We’re back with Captain Nathan Scott and his crew aboard the Aurora. This is a fun series that has lasted forever. I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of reading a series all the way through 15 books. And each one was very exciting, extremely difficult to put down. I was very sad when I finished each one. This one is just like all the rest. Very exciting although most of the action is pretty one-sided for the Alliance. They are liberating worlds out to thirty-lightyears from Sol. They attack the Jung quickly, with deadly force so much so that the Jung don’t realize they have been hit until their ships are torn apart and drifting in space.

Captain Scott is now a part player in the Alliance. With Admiral Dumar in overall charge, Nathan Scott’s role is getting a little smaller each book. We hear even less of Cameron and the Celestia even though it is in dry dock for an extended period of time. The Aurora is soon to follow into dry dock as all the Alliance assets get repaired and restored to fighting condition. The Ghatazhak are still present with Commander Telles fully in charge. They are a mean as ever, but there are few and few of them as they are the brunt of the ground forces. It’s now up to some of the Alliance planets to start drafting volunteers to build and Alliance Army trained by the Ghatazhak. These ground troops won’t be any where near as efficient as the Ghatazhak, but they will server the purpose and fight for the Alliance. I really, really like reading about the Ghatazhak. If Mr. Brown started another series with just them, I’d jump on it immediately!

Two things in this book happen that surprised the heck out of me. The one involved Tanna and the other is at the end of the book. I won’t go into detail about either one, but the first one should not have happened. The Alliance was acting pretty dumb to let it go the way it did. Eventually, the Alliance will get payback, but it’s far too late in coming. The second thing happens at the last. It is astounding! I, for one, don’t believe it would have ever happened this way, but I’m not the writer, so it did. Wow!

I don’t know when the next book will be out. Looking at the writers website, it appears we have a bit of a wait before this series continues; maybe even a year! That’s a long time to wait. I somewhat understand the writers reason, but I don’t know if I’ll be that interested in reading a new series or Part 2 after a whole year. Still, there are plenty of other writers out there to fill that year, so it might just go by faster than I think.

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