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“The Rings of Haven”


4 Small Stars
The Rings of Haven

Second book in the series and it continues to be very, very good. I like the continuing character development. These are very young people taking on some very heavy responsibilities. It just so happens that the ship helps the right people at the right time. To bad they had to fall right into a civil war. Why couldn’t they have just popped into a friendly universe with a lot of friendly people dedicated to helping them home! Not going to happen if you’re writing a science fiction book. So, now the young Captain (former Lieutenant) now have to cope with what’s landed in their laps.

I hope their new “friends” are truly on their side all the way. Going to Haven doesn’t sound like the best idea but they had no choice. It sure is a good thing that all the people in this new universe speak English, isn’t that something! I just don’t know how science fiction writers get away with this kind of stuff. If or should I say when, we do have our real “first encounter”, I would really like to see all the sci-fi writers out there in front to speak English to our very first aliens! Should be a real good conversation. Hope someone brings a “universal translator”.

Ok, so everyone speaks English and the story goes on. It is a very good story so I would encourage everyone to read it if you like a continuing story. I hope these books keep going.

I’m on to the thrid book. I don’t know if there is a fourth but I sure how so. I can’t see this story ending quickly even in the third book.

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