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5 Small Stars

Well, here we are with another series by Ryk Brown. It’s been awhile since I finished book 15 of the original Frontiers Saga and when we left that book, I wasn’t sure there would be another in that series. And there wasn’t except the author has pulled a fast one and created a Part 2 which I think might be just as good as the original, although I don’t know if it will go to fifteen books!

Some of the characters in this book are carry-overs from the previous series and that’s good. Loki, Jessica and Joshua (Josh) are present as well as Marcus, but not Nathan Scott! There’s a few others that I might not mention, but rest assured, you’ll recognize those whom you read about for fifteen book before.

There has been peace for the Alliance which is comprised of the Solar System and the Pentaurus Cluster. While the Alliance members are separated by a vast distance, they have been capable of taking care of themselves for the most part. Earth was particularly hard hit by the Jung invasion and is still trying to get back it’s civilization. They have concentrated on rebuilding their industrial might so as to build starships for self protection, but now there is a stirring among the population to turn some of this industrial effort into creature comforts. A great majority of Earth’s population still live in tent-cities while those who are working in the new industries are able to afford new housing. Some Earth Senators are not clamoring for cheaper and affordable housing for everyone. Earth’s President, Dayton Scott, is doing everything he can to provide protection to the entire Solar System, but he still things it’s not enough.

Then Jung attack the Pentaurus Cluster! It was a surprise attack that caught all the Pentaurus defenses off guard and they were quickly over-ran. Every planet within the Cluster now has orbiting Jung starships and Jung soldiers occupying their capital cities. Some were able to make it out, but most were so surprised that they were caught where ever they happened to be and now were stuck there. Once such group is a freighter named the Seiki captained by Connor Tuplo. He has Josh as his pilot and Marcus along as a crewman. There’s also Dalen, the mechanic and Neli which I’m not sure what her job is but she seems to cook and make sure all the supplies are available. Anyway, this ship is one of many that can now no longer do their job or make a living since the Jung have shut down everything in the Pentaurus Cluster. They can’t go on long since their current funding will run out. It’s just a matter of how desperate they want to get.

Word has gotten back to Sol that the Jung have attacked and now they are finding Jung ships in their region of space. What’s more shocking is that the Jung now have Jump technology which allows them to appear just about anywhere they want in the blink of an eye. During the last war with Jung, Earth was the only ones with Jump tech, so this could be a very even battle. The Earth-Pentaurus Alliance must find some other advantage if they want to survive this second coming of the Jung!

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