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5 Small Stars

A new author to me and a very good one. We start off being mis-directed by reading about Dr. Yas Peshlakai who is treating President Sophia Bakas. He seems to have done a good job and she appears to be well on her way to recover. The Doctor leaves to go home when he’s accosted by some various serious security forces who now claim he killed that same President. Fortunately or maybe not, he’s saved from an immediate execution by none other than Captain Tenebris Rache. Captain Rache is know throughout the Star Kingdom as a pirate and a very violent one at that. Still, he promises to not harm the doctor if he will join his crew for the next five years.

Next we find ourselves in the lab of Professor Casmir Dabrowski. He’s doing nothing of particular note, when he’s visited by a Kinght of the Star Kingdom. The Knight tells him in no unclear terms that he must flee the planet and quickly. No soon has Professor Casmir started to leave the campus, he finds out he’s being pursued by two combat robots called Crushers. They are almost none stoppable and indestructible. They are tearing through everything trying to get to him. The Professor manages to get in contact with his roommate, Kim Sato, and she beings assisting him in finding some way off the planet.

They finally find a ship, the Stellar Dragon, with Captain Bonita “Laser” Lopez willing to take them on even for the small amount of gold that Casmir has on him. Just as they get ready to leave, Kim and the Professor are saying good bye when the Crushers attack. Everyone flees into the ship and it takes off.

From here on, it’s all aboard the Stellar Dragon and what the Captain is going to do with her reluctant passengers. She has to get them somewhere and she has to get a paying courier job or she will soon run out of fuel. Little does Captain Lopez realize that her troubles have just started.

A very good book to star a series. I didn’t know or wasn’t able to anticipate what was going to happen next any where in the book and that’s unusual for me. I’ve already got the next book and look forward to reading it soon.

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