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Renegade Atlas

So, by now, I hope you’ve gotten used to the language in these books. It continues the same in this second book and probably will throughout the series. I don’t have a problem with it all that much, but some of you might. Still, if you got through the first book, then you should have no problem continuing with the series. Jace doesn’t let up one bit no matter whom he’s talking to.

In the first book, we read where the Star Renegade has a journey to make, but after their terrible experience on Taurus Station they had to make a hasty escape to somewhere. Siggy, the Renegade Star A. I., moved them closer to Sarkonian space which was well away from Union space. The Union was now definitely after them and apparently were devoting some might powerful assets to find and hold the Renegade Star. Jace has decided that he’s had enough of his passengers so he’s decided to drop them off at an out of the way Keasler System. The space station there would allow them to find passage to where ever they wanted to go, but Jace had had enough!

Then his plans changed. Some how the Union has been tracking the Renegade Star even with it’s cloaking device activated. That doesn’t make sense. How can you track a cloaked ship. Still, it’s being done because a Union ship has forcibly docked with the Renegade Star and now is boarding. Once again, Jace and his companions, manage to kill the Union Captain and his crew, well, all expect three whom they secure in a hidden compartment aboard the ship. Jace now starts interrogating his prisoners and finds out that the cloaking device came from a Union ship. So, it’s no wonder they can now track it. And, the Union has assigned a carrier and General Brigham to track and capture the Renegade Star.

Not only that, but the Sarkonians also know about the huge bounty on the Renegade Star and it’s passengers, so they are out after the ship also. Jace and his friends see mounting trouble if they hang around much longer. So, it’s decided that they will follow their original plan which was supposed to lead them to the mythical planet called Earth!

The only problem with this course is that he goes right through Sarkonian space. In fact, it goes right through the Sarkonian home world system which must have tons of Sarkonian warships present. Some how they must get through that area knowing they can’t use the cloak or they Union will be hot on their trail.

From here the story takes a significant change. I’m not sure where this is going to lead, but it’s getting very interesting. The little girl, Lex, has a mysterious background and she’s much different than most little girls. Where she originated is something that will surprise everyone if they can prove what they believe. Does Earth still exist and if so, why has it been lost to the rest of civilization for over 2,000 years? Hopefully these questions will be answered in the third book, whenever it gets published.

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