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“Renegade Dawn”


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Regenade Dawn

This kind of starts a new era in the Renegade Star Series. Chase Hughes is now more or less land-bound. He’s no longer soaring through the galaxy in the Renegade Star and certainly not aboard the Titan, an original Earth colony seed-ship he found on his journey to Earth. No, Jace Hughes is now a citizen of Earth whether he realizes it or not.

But this Earth is not the one that was told about in the old stories, nor is it the Earth that you and I know about. It seems that the last inhabitants of Earth pretty much messed it up. Still, they appear to have gone beyond their destructive ways and are now making an attempt to restore Earth, although those former Earthlings are long dead and gone.

It’s now up to Jace and his crew plus all the people he has picked up along his journey to Earth to figure out what’s going on with the planet. There appears to be something controlling all of the terraforming activities and especially the trilobites, little automated machines located on the planet’s surface. While they are not necessarily harmful, they are best to stay away from. It is known that they can consume almost any kind of material that is put in their way. Now a bunch of them have gathered below the city of Verdun and no one knows exactly why. Verdun is one of several totally vacant cities Jace and his crew found when they first came to Earth. These cities sit on massive scaffolding high above Earth. Verdun is the one Jace chose and named as the new home for him and his crew and the others he had brought with him. He intends to go back to the “badlands” and find other peoples that would want to start a new life outside Union control and bring them to Earth to further the restoration of the planet.

First, though, he must figure out what these trilobites are doing and are they a threat to his new city. One of his scouting teams has reported a vast cavern or hole in the Earth with trilobites pouring from it. This appears to be their point of origin and Jace wants to know who or what is building them. So, he gathers his team together and off they go exploring. What they find is very interesting and could either make their stay on Earth a pleasant and lasting one, or it could mean the end of everything that had hoped and dreamed of.

Not sure how this story is going to play out now. Jace doesn’t seem like the swashbuckling, devil-may-care, renegade that he was in the beginning of this story. He’s gotten himself quite a family now and he’s out to protect it at all cost. Now it appears that another enemy might be lurking out there somewhere in the galaxy that wants to find Earth and its resources, very badly.

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