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“Renegade Moon”


4 Small Stars
Renegade Moon

I like this series and this third book doesn’t disappoint. I’m really interested in seeing where this series goes. We were originally aboard the Renegade Star with Captain Jace Hughes, Renegade. While Jace would describe himself as a murderous, thieving rogue, he’s not all that he thinks he is. He’s really a good guy trying very hard to be very bad. But, now things have gotten complicated. He originally was supposed to just transport a Nun and a some cargo from Point A to Point B. He would have gotten paid a considerable sum, but then he found out that the Nun was wanted by the Union and her cargo turned out to be a very young girl. Since you’ve probably read the first two books, you know the story up to now, so I won’t cover the whole thing. Just say that Jace isn’t a mean as he things he is.

Now, they are being pursued by both the Union and the Sarkonians. Fortunately, the Star Renegade found a moon that was actually an ancient starship. It had been dormant for almost 2000 years, but Jace and his crew managed to get it jump-started when they triggered a series of events on the planet the moon was circling. Now they have found out that this ancient starship is one huge ship, but it contains no crew other than a very, very intelligent A.I.

So, Jace takes this opportunity to rest his crew and get some very needed supplies for his ship, the Star Renegade, which sits in on of the huge bays of the Titan. He soon finds out that this ship is part of his hunt for the origin of human or Earth. It came from there according to the A.I. now called Athena. She invites Jace and his crew to stay aboard the Titan and make the journey back to Earth with her.

The only probably is that the Titan is not a full capacity and needs to re-new it’s core. That part is only held in a secure facility on a Union planet, a place where Jace desperately wants to avoid. Yet, he has no choice. With the Union armada and the Sarkonians both on his tail, he must get the Titan fully operational or they will be captured and killed pretty darn quickly.

As I said, I really like this story and the characters are different enough to make it interesting. I kind of don’t like some of the language that Jace uses even in the presence of Lex, the very young girl. I think he over uses a four letter word when it’s not really necessary. Jace isn’t illiterate. or uneducated, so I know he has a better command of the English language and I wish the author would make use of it. Some situations just don’t need cuss words to get your point across. Again, this just me, but we all know that Jace isn’t really the cutthroat villain that he things he is, so over time, the author should tone down his language.

I don’t know the name of the next book, but it’s promised sometime early 2018. I know I’ll be looking for it and I recommend you do also.

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