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“Silent Fleet”


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Silent Fleet

While I was originally critical of this series, it’s got better as I read more books. Now up to the fourth book, the story does continue in a very interesting way. While we initially had only one supersized mech, now we have two.

Most of the group gathered by “Dash” a.k.a. Newton Sawyer, were at the Forge trying to figure out how to gather more dark metal which was used by both the Unseen and the Golden in building their fantastic weapons and other things. From the last book, Dash’s group was gathering enough dark metal to build a second “Archetype” with this one being called the “Swift”. Leira was to be the pilot. As both she and Dash were former courier pilots, they were well versed in flying things in space, even if they were now flying gigantic mechas.

They found a partial solution to their dark metal problem and got that going pretty early in the book. Then Dash decided that he needed to grow his group much larger for the coming battle with the Golden. He was looking for starship pilots after he found some information about a fleet of Unseen ships parked in a desolate and unobserved star system. He needed to get those ships back to the Forge, so he needed pilots. He was given one source and that was to recruit pirates!

So, is Dash going to actually use pirates to defend humanity. Why would they want to get involved? Yet, when he actually confronts these pirates, he finds a group of people far different than what he thought he would find. Of course you’ll have to read the book to figure that out.

This is a good continuation of the story. So far, everything seems to be working out for Dash and his friends. Some of the stuff he has to do just seems too easy. I wonder if that’s going to change sometime in the next books. I’ll just have to read them and see.

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