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“Song of Darkness”


Song of Darkness

Even though our story with Peacekeeper Van Tudor and his crew aboard the Fafnir could have been over in the last book, the job never goes away. There’s always bad guys to find, arrest and bring to justice which is what Peacemaker Tudor does exceedingly well. He’s not been a Peacemaker with the Guild for that long, but he has made a name for himself. Yeah, his reputation is kind of derived from his Grandfather, who was a Peacemaker himself, for a very long time. It just seemed that his Grandfather got burned out with the whole thing and just didn’t want to do it any more. Oh, he was good at it, no doubt, and that’s why he got his Grandson Van involved when the time was right.

Now Peacemaker Van Tudor is making a name for himself. He and his crew broke the BeneStar Corporation which was spreading vile evil throughout known and even unknown space. Helem Gauss was the master mind whom they captured and brought to justice only to see that justice crater under it’s own stupid mechanisms. Helem Gauss was very, very, very rich so he had an entire army of lawyers who managed to work their way through the legal system and got their client out on probation and with a very small fine. Yet, Van Tudor wasn’t about to let the little weasel get away with all the harm he had done.

Unfortunately, it cost him one of his dearest crew members, Zenophir, when she sacrificed her life to kill the scumbag Gauss. It wasn’t the way Van wanted things to go, but we don’t always get our way. Everyone of his crew were like family and Zeno was like a mother to the young Wu’tzur, Icky. But Icky was growing up and had to face this kind of challenges just like the rest of the crew. They still had missions to complete and even now a new threat was present in the universe.

It’s name was Calamity! Some how Helem Gauss had released some kind of computer virus or something upon the universe and it was totally destroying every kind of computer in use. Once “infected” the system or systems became totally useless and no one, not even the smartest AI’s could yet figure out how to stop it or even prevent it from infecting other systems. The only way to guard against getting the Calamity aboard your vessel was to do everything via analog methods. No more digital data sending or certainly receiving and even comms were badly effected. Van had rigged up a crude laptop computer that came from Earth to act as a gateway for comms to his ship. It worked because the Earth laptop was just too dumb to be effected by Calamity. Again, an indicator how far behind Earth was technologically compared to the rest of the universe. But, like I said, his system worked so he had a way to communicate back to Anvil Dark and the rest of the Peacemaker Guild.

Calamity wasn’t the only thing going on that disturbed Van Tudor greatly. He was getting more and more concerned about someone or something controlling everyone’s actions in the background. He was going to find out who that was. Even his boss, Master Gerhardt, was showing signs of not making the right decisions. Like letting Helem Gauss go even when they new he had the Calamity virus and was ready to release it. But, Van was also getting known by others and he was brought in for another promotion. And that lead to his getting introduced to the Group of 32 who had a long, long history controlling what was going on in the universe. Only Van realized that this organization was totally unorganized to the extent no one knew what anyone was really doing. He needed to get this fixed.

His first attempt was to go after the Seven Stars League or at least a rouge faction. They were associated with Helem Gauss and his boss, Dohlennz. He was another criminal that needed to be brought to justice. Could Van Tudor gather enough firepower to go against this growing Seven Stars League rogue faction? They were gearing up to attack somebody and Van swore to stop them in their tracks.

Great story and it’s not over yet. Book 13, “Path of Tyrants” is available on Amazon. I’ve already added it to my reading list.

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