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“Into the Black”


5 Small Stars
Into the Black

Wow! If you like military science fiction, then read this book. This has to be one of the best I have read lately. The story is great, the action is fantastic and I lost a lot of sleep because I couldn’t put it down long enough to go to bed.

To start off, I wasn’t sure if I had started reading a book that was in the middle of a series. There seems to be another story behind the new Captain of the Odyssey, one that he reflects on quite a bit even though he has a new job. The Odyssey is Earth’s first interstellar starship and he’s taking it out on it first “shake-down” cruise! What a heck of a cruise!

They do make first contact and he does get his ship in quite a bind but he and his crew seem up to the task of defending the ship and a new alien civilization. Why does Earth always have he habit of sending out a single ship to do it’s exploring?

This Amazon ebook was very well written and very well edited. Both don’t happen very often in rather inexpensive Amazon ebooks. I was looking for a fast-paced, action adventure story and this one fit that to a tee!

It is always a pleasure to read such good books. Again, if you like high tech military sci-fi, then this is the book for you.

I’ve also noticed that there are two more books in this series, one to be published in October and another in December of 2012. That would be an amazing collection of stories if the author keeps to this publishing schedule.

I sure hope I can continue reading about the Odyssey and her crew.

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