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5 Small Stars

The first two books in this series deal with Captain Eric Weston getting command of the new Earth starship “Odyssey”.  He is a former Archangel pilot which means he is really a fight jock and now he’s in command of a huge tub of a starship.  His original voyage found him wondering around another star system where he found a the planet Ranquil which was inhabited by a very pacifist, but advanced civilization, known as the Priminae.

Unfortunately for the Primiane, they were being attacked by a vicious and unreasonable alien known as the Drasin.  The Drasin appear to be metallic monsters with their soldiers looking like some gigantic spider!  They are also known to fight in a swarm which means hundreds if not thousands of their ships will attack a planet or solar system at one time with the intent of completely destroying everything.  And I mean everything!  They literally take planets apart.  Their soldiers, the spiders, land on a planet and begin eating everything while expelling (that’s a nice phrase) replicants of themselves.

For some strange reason, Captain Weston and the Odyssey are almost invisible to the Drasin and even the Priminae starships.  The Odyessey is nothing special as far as her star drive is concerned although it is the first of her kind built by Earth (the Confederation to be exact).  One reason for this is that the Drasin and Priminae ships are powered by a vastly different system which supports their primary laser weapon systems.  These lasers are so powerful that one shot could possibly wipe out the Odyssey if it were not for her advanced armor.  Either way, the Odyssey can not withstand much of direct hit by a Drasin starship.

Yet, the Drasin can’t find the Odyssey!  It is so underpowered, according to their standards, that it doesn’t show up on their scanning devices.  Captain Weston thoroughly proves this when he takes on six Drasin starships that were intent on destroying Ranquil.  Doing so proves to things to the Priminae; 1) that have powerful allie, and 2) they had better get busy trying to defend themselves or they are doomed.

So now we find that other nations of Earth are starting to send their starships out to find out about this Drasin threat which Captain Weston came back and warned everyone about. The Drasin are in this sector of space and they are slowing eating everything living and will soon get to Earth, it’s just a matter of time.  But, it’s not necessary to lead them directly to Earth because Earth is certainly not capable of defending itself right at the moment.

Unfortunately for Earth, a starship from the Block (China and India) has stumbled upon the Drasin and unknown to the ship Weifang, he is leading the Drasin right back to Earth much, much too soon.  Earth is in for a battle the likes of which has never been seen.  The Priminae are already considering the Earth as destroyed because nothing survives a Drasin swarm.

But their opinions are formed from their experiences of Drasin swarming unarmed and pacifist colony planets.  The Earth, while not ready for the Drasin, is certainly not unarmed and it sure isn’t a Pacifist planet.  Great reading, lots of action.  A great science fiction story that continues to get better.


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