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“The Heart of Matter”


5 Small Stars
Heart of the Matter

If you like military science fiction, you have to read this series. It is just about the most exciting set of books Ihave read in a long while. The author does a good job of story telling and will get you hooked into this second book within minutes. Of course you should start with the first book in the series but this one would probably stand on it’s own although you might be missing some key information as your read through it.

I am really amazed at the science thought that has gone into these books. I mean, I don’t have a clue if any of it is scientifically sound but it sure does sound good in print. I’ve read about Dyson constructs before and they are amazing. The addition of this finding in this book kind of changes things. It’s also good to see that a once pacifist civilization has started to attempt to defend themselves. There are a great many battle fought both on the ground and in space. I’ve been a sailor at sea and some of the things that you can and do with a starship are similar with the operations of a surface vessle or a submarine. Probably more like a sub since you have to think in three dimensions. Capt Weston has to be a genius with some of the stuff he pulls off. I appears that he’s doing a lot of strategic and tactical thinking in his head and the computers are along just to execute what he wants to do. He certainly doesn’t ask the computers to find him a solution out of his current prediciment.

Again, this is great military science fiction that I am having a blast reading. I am also losing a lot of sleep becasue I can’t seem to put down these books at a reasonable time at night. The action is so continuous that there’s hardly a good time to stop and take a breath although there are periods on the starship where engagements are clearly taking days to happen.

If you find you need something to read, read these books. Even if you’re reading something else, stop and read these books. They are just that good. Thanks fo the author and Ihope he keeps them coming. You’re doing a great job.

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