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3 Small Stars

This writer must think we’re all linguist! But, we’re not and I’m tired of skipping over the names he uses in his stories because they are unpronounceable! Wzhñyñy! You try to pronounce that! Peixoto! What kind of name is that?

Somebody please convince this author that there’s nothing wrong with normal names like Bob or Charley or Susan.

Also, where’s the rest of the Terran Empire’s military? One Army of New Jerusalem soldiers to retake a planet isn’t any where realistic. Anyone know how many Armies we have on this planet? It’s a very big place. And the Terran Empire has already lost 22 entire planets!

Well, this is science fiction and bordering on pure fantasy, but it’s entertaining if nothing else. Now, if I only knew who I was reading about!

Oh, yeah. My name is Jim!

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