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“Legends Never Die”


5 Small Stars
Legends Never Die
Didn’t think I’d get to read another book in this series.  Last time we were with the Omega Force, Lucky, the battlesynth had been killed. Now a year has past and the Omega Force team has kind of dissolved.  Jason Burke and Crusher snuck off in the middle of the night with the Phoenix and went out to the Badlands rim to stir up some trouble.  They were bored with setting at their home base and needed to do something to take out their sorrow and anger over losing Lucky.
Of course neither would admit that Lucky’s death really got to them, but it was pretty obvious.  They were now tearing around like a couple of wild men not showing their usual restraint when it came to killing everyone.  They were on the verge of getting a very bad reputation, but that didn’t seem to be a reason for them to stop.
Then they got a call from an unexpected source that told them Kage and Twingo were in trouble and needed some serious rescuing.  So, just in the nick of time, Jason, Crusher, and the Phoenix showed up and plucked them and their cargo off the roof of a factory that was about to blow to kingdom come!  Jason and Crusher had no idea how their two other team members had gotten themselves in so much trouble.  So, Kage began telling them a story that explained the what, but not the why.
You see, Kage found out that Lucky wasn’t necessarily dead!  His head with his positronic brain and all of its major functions was still intact.  There was a slight possibility that Lucky could be brought back to life if he had an appropriate body on which to place his head.  And that’s what Kage and Twingo were out trying to procure.  Oh, they weren’t wanting to buy a synth body, no they were going to steal one and not just any synth body.  They had found the location of a secret ConFed factory that was making highly illegal battlesynths; a very advanced type of battlesynths.  If they could break in to this factory and steal one of these new battlesynth bodies, then just maybe Lucky could be back with them.
So, you’ll have to read the story to find out if they were successful.  Either way, Jason and the Omega Force had a new mission and that was to find out why the ConFed had suddenly become must more aggressive towards its neighbors. Someone or something was now calling the shots for the ConFed and they were taking steps to conquer neighboring empires and doing so without much of a problem.  Jason just didn’t want to see Earth get swallowed up in this takeover because the general feeling about the new ConFed was that it was evil.
I like these stories and found this book by reading “Terran Scout, Book 1: Marine” which is a story about Jason Burke’s Son.  I believe Jason knows he has a Son, but he’s not able to come to Earth and be with him especially while he’s just a child.  But his child has grown up and is not kind of following in his Father’s footsteps, except he’s doing his thing legally.   So, if you get a chance to read that book, I think you’ll enjoy it as much as this one and both series are pretty good.

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