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5 Small Stars

I just can’t get enough of these books. They are super good, just the kind I like to read after reading some near science fiction horror stories. These books are just fun. I can almost relate to Jason Burke and would give anything to have half an exciting experience he’s having. I know that none of this stuff is based on our reality, but if it were and I were much younger, I be calling Captain Burke for a job. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d qualify for his team. I’m not that fond of getting smacked around, shot or thrown all over the place. And Crusher would definitely scare the you know what out of me.

Anyway, Jason and the Omega Force needed to get back to work. They don’t exactly have a contract with anyone, but Lucky has been notified that his kind, battlesynths, were getting recalled back to their planet of origin, Khepri. Lucky is not directly effected since his “Master” changed some of his internal circuits prior to him becoming a full battlesynth. But Lucky felt that something big was about to happen and he wanted to go find out what it might be before it actually did. Jason wasn’t opposed to going and after being contacted by Satiava Mok about his belief was that something big was about to happen, Jason and the Omega Force were off on another mission.

So, now we find out a lot about Lucky’s early life. He’s over 250 years old and was created to be something other than a battlesynth, but circumstances forced his Master to put him in a battlesynth body and that where he has been all these years. He believe he knows of 37 other battle synths like him who have free will and do not have to follow the orders of anyone if they chose not to. Only they are hidden somewhere on Khepri. Maybe Jason and his crew can find them if they aren’t already involved in whatever is going to happen.

We also find out that the ConFed has a problem with it’s banking system. Every financial transaction that happens in the ConFed empire goes through a central AI located on Khepri. It is very, very old and should have been replaced ages ago, but for some reason was not. Now, it seems to be acting beyond it’s original programming and doing unexplainable things. So, what’s Omega Force going to do. Can they save the entire ConFed from chaos or should they even try.

He also finds out that Earth has suddenly become a potential player in the galaxy. They are showing up with some super powerful ships that shouldn’t be possible. Still, he did give Earth a laptop full of advanced technology and they appear to have put it to very good use. Earth doesn’t look like the scared little backward planet it once was. Jason has also found out that he’s no longer a bad guy as far as the Earth government is concerned. Does that make any difference in the way he’ll operate? It’ll be interesting to find out.

Oh, one more thing. One of the Omega Force gets killed on this mission. That’s all I’m going to say. It’s a good book and I’m looking forward to plenty more involving the Omega Force.

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