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“Exodus: Empires at War”


4 Small Stars
Empires at War 1

This was a hard book to read at the beginning. It didn’t really get easier until I got into the second book. It’s still a very good book but this one seemed way to short for the potential of the entire story. This book talked about the destruction of Earth and how only a small band of humans managed to flee to a distant part of space.

The aliens have unpronounceable names. They seem to have about twenty-seven letters to each name which doesn’t help in the reading so you’ll find yourself probably skipping over them quite frequently. It also seems like every human in the book also has a name but the humans don’t last very long. It was hard trying to figure out who to follow in this story. Turns out you really just need to know what happens to the humans at the end of this story. That’s the whole book for the most part.

The second book is better. At least it gets you focused on a main character some what towards the end, but then it ends. This would have been much better if these two books would have been put together in one single book. Just my opinion.

I am looking forward to the next book when ever it comes out. I can’t find much about it although each book has a few chapters of the next book at the end. Sure would be nice to know when the next episode might come out.

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