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“Exodus: Empires at War”


4 Small Stars
Empires at War 2

Second book. Get’s a little better. Earth humans have fled the solar system after it was attacked by an alien empire that was bent on the absolute destruction of all humans since we apparently killed one of the heirs to their Empire.

Earth built these massive ships and fled out of the solar system with the aliens in hot pursuit. One made it traveling for 1,000 years at near the speed of light. When they decided to stop, it was about 10,000 years in the future. Even thought the spaceship was started out with a crew and passengers lead by a military ships Captain, by the end of the trip, the ship was now the seat of a human empire.

Now the Terran Empire has been settled for thousands of years. All this time, we have been wondering if our ancient enemy is still out there getting closer and closer to our new home. We have been advancing in technology faster than any other civilization and have conquered many other alien civilizations since finding this new part of the galaxy. Our curent Emperor is the last of a long chain that has steadily made preparations for the day when our old enemies would again find us. But this time, we won’t be running, at least we hope.

Finally, the day comes. Our enemies are at the door. Read what happens to the Terran Empire. I hope the next book comes out soon.


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