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4 Small Stars

Another excellent continuation of a great story line.  This is the seventh book and they are all great reads.  I would have given this 5 stars out of 5 but there were just took many typos, words like and instead of an, the instead of they, and so on.  While the reading is easy, you find yourself saying, “What was that?” a number of times because the sentence didn’t make sense.

Still, this is the story you’ll want to read.  After all this time the Humans and their alien allies have been getting their butts kicked by the Cacas, it’s now time for payback. The Emperor, Sean, is waiting on a double star to supernova which he thinks will cause the Cacas all sorts of problems with tracking ships.  He’s gathered a mighty armada and plans to attack the Cacas again after their recent battle in the Congreeve system.  He believes that his victories at Congreeve and with the problems created by the supernova, his forces might just be able to drive all the Cacas out of the Terran Empire. But, things don’t always go as planned!

We get to read more about Cornelius Walborski, the Officer Candidate, who seems to always find himself in the middle of desperate action.  Now he’s at the “Donut” and the Cacas have a surprise they are about to spring on that installation.  If it gets destroyed, the Terran Empire is most likely doomed.  I wonder if Walborski is in for another medal?

And then, there’s the supernova which should go off in a couple of months.  Should is the operative word.  No one controls a supernova.  It will happen when it happen.  And what happens if it goes off sooner than expected?  Can Emperor Sean’s armada manage to get itself together fast enough to conduct the planned attacks?

Lots of fast action and great writing.  We get to know more about the people we have read about over the last six books and we finally get to feel good about the war but it does feel kind of anti-climatic.  You need to read this book to find out if the outcome was what you expected?

The war isn’t over and I hope there are many more stories in this series.


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