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4 Small Stars

Missiles, missiles and more missiles.  That’s about all this book is about.  The Empire under Sean the First has finally driven the Casa’s out of Empire territory, but they know the Cacas are going to mass for a counterattack someday in the future.  Also, Sean knows that he’s going to have to take this fight to the Caca’s home world before it’s over.  I tend to agree.  Any enemy that wants to eat you has to be completely eradicated.

The Empire has found out that the Cacas have captured the last planet they passed by on their retreat.  That planet happens to be New Moscow and it has about seven hundred million people still on it.  This planet wasn’t exactly part of the Empire.  They were going it alone and as such didn’t have the ships necessary to evacuate their entire population.  So, when the Cacas came, most of the population was still on the planet.  As I mentioned earlier, the Cacas eat humans.  It’s a delicacy for them.  And, they eat a lot.  Now they have over 700,000,000 humans corralled in camps all over the planet New Moscow and they are processing them through their food processing plants as fast as they can.

Sean and the Empire isn’t going to stand by while the Cacas eat that many humans even if they are not directly his subjects.  He tells his military staff to plan on getting those people rescued, not to attack the planet and get everyone killed, but safely rescue seven hundred million people.  It’s obviously going to be a very tough job and it’s going to cost a lot of lives.  Any type of rescue will involve soldiers on the ground fighting for the defenseless humans.

So, how does the Empire plan to pull this off?  That’s what the book is about.  You’ll have to read it to get the details.  I’ll admit, there was a lot of space battles involving missiles, so much so that I got tired of reading how many missiles were coming towards which group of starships.  I must be missing something because I don’t understand how missiles fired days away can still hit a target that may or may not be where it was aimed.  The battles do get confusing.  Nobody in this book is a hero but you do have a cast of characters from the previous books which is what I like.

And another point I’ll make, this battle doesn’t seem to end in this book.  I felt it abruptly shut down there at the end for some reason.  I hope the next book comes out soon because there are a lot of lose ends with this one.

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