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5 Small Stars

Well, the war with the Cas’cadas is going well for the Empire. While the Cas’cadas do occasionally come up with something unique in their tactical strategy, it’s not very often and the Empire can usually figure out what they are up to. Now, it appears that the Cas’cadas are getting desparate and their young emperor is going insane! Yeah, he’s pretty much already gone. With his exeuction of his top Admirals that look at him wrong, things are not going well within the Cas’cadans headquarters. The very young emperor things he’s a military genius when he has no training and even less experience. He’s killing off his most experienced senior advisors so it doesn’t appear that they will have much to fight with before long.

Except, his alien scientist, including some captured humans, have come up with a way to create a mini-supernova within a system that wipes our almost all life. They attack the systems star and over about an hours time, cause it to start ejecting very, very hot plasma which scorches any planet it touches. It’s basically a planet killer and the Cas’cadan emperor is ecstatic with his new “toy”. Yet, Cas’cadan religion forbids the destruction of worlds. They believe that life is sacred and only the Gods can cause a planet to produce life and the Cas’cadans should not destroy all that life leaving the planet baren. It’s a strong belief by most of those who believe in the Gods. But, not all believe that way and apparently the emperor has no problem with destroying any planet in his own empire. As long as he can kill the human Empire forces, he’ll do what it takes.

This is not going well with the rank and file of the Cas’cadan population. To blatantly go against the church is something no other emperor has every done, until now. The emperor has gone so far as to see the destruction of the central church in the Cas’cadan capital with a bomb that his secret police planted and blamed it on the church itself. Of course, no one believes that the church blew it self up. And they are having enough of this insane emperor.

Still, a trap is set to destroy the planet currently occupied by a majority of Maurids. These are the aliens that have been providing a lot of intel to the empire. They want to be free and are earning their freedom by backing the humans. Still, their worlds are under the Masters, i.e., Cas’cadans, but they do have a lot of leeway in what they do, or so they did. Now that the insane emperor suspects them of treason to his empire, he wants to wipe them off their planet while destroying a huge fleet of humans coming to their rescue.

Will his plan work? Emperor Sean Ogden Lee Romanov has to save his allies. He cannot let over a billion Maurids die just because they were found out. So, he puts together a plan of his own. You’ll need to read the book to find out which emperor’s plan succeeds.

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