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5 Small Stars

Wow! What a book! What a finish to a great series!

I have finally finished this series and I am worn out! These books draw out your emotions and ring them dry! I don’t know how many, many nights I stayed up reading well past midnight because i knew that I could never go to sleep after reading just a little of one of these books. These books will make you mad at the stupidity of some people, it will make you mad that nothing ever seems to go right for the soldiers of Earth, it will make you mad that they are losing battle after battle even though you read about all of the dying. I know nothing in these books are real but my emotions were very real. Most every one of these books started out getting you hooked on what was to come, making you feel like everything was lost and that you were helpless to do anything about anything. Then towards to the end, you get a glimmer of hope, a subtle change in the way things are going. And finally, at the end, everything gets wrapped up all nice and neat and you’re not sad that you read the book. Predictable writing, yes; great writing, you bet!

I would warn anyone preparing to read this series to make sure you have a lot, and I mean a lot, of free time. You won’t want to put them down once you start reading the first book. Of course, there were times that I wanted to throw a book or two away, I was just that mad about the story, but if you stick with it, you’re going to lose a lot of sleep staying up reading late into the night!

The only downside to this particular book, “Fusion”, is that it was poorly edited. There are a lot of word mistakes, errors, extra words and stuff that, I’m afraid, are typical of an Amazon ebook. Still, it’s very readable.

Mr. DeCosmo is an excellent writer and I hope he comes up with another great series of books in the sci-fi genre. I know I’ll be around to read them.

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