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5 Small Stars

This continues to be one of the best books and series I have read in a long time. The main character, Trevor Stone, continues to grow and become a story book hero that anyone could relate to. He is doing the right things and the things that need to be done even though they are extremely tough decisions. He has built a cast of characters around him that appear to be strong and very competent in what they do. I like most of these new characters that are introduced into the story.

In this book a moral dilemma is introduced when Trevor’s Army meets up with a whole town of people, humans, who don’t need to be rescued. In fact, they want nothing but to be left alone. Unfortunately, their town sits at a strategic point on the map and Trevor must go through that point to complete a major victory and save a lot of humans in the process. While I understand the problem this presents, I don’t agree with the time that it takes Trevor to make a decision. He waste way too much time wringing his hands and being wishy-washy over a decision he must make. None of his Generals have the guts to make the decision for him so everything has to stop. Not very realistic. The solution to New Winnabow was perfect and should have been made very quickly and easily.

We also find a mysterious figure that emerges only for a short while. Not sure what this added to the story but it seemed to provide some kind of answer to Trevor’s gifts and reveled that his son, JB, is more than he appears.

And finally, Trevor gets around to naming their new country. He calls it “The Empire”. Not very imaginative, but I guess it fits. There are some interesting side stories within this book that you’ll like. It’s a good read and keeps you in the series, that’s for sure.

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