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5 Small Stars

I don’t think I’ve ever read a series of books where the main character seems to leave and we’re left reading about the friends he left behind. Now we just get Trevor Stone back and he does what he always does, takes the military to a grand victory in California. Unfortunately, Trevor doesn’t have a brain in his head with it comes to human enemies. How he can just continue to ignore guys like Evan Godfrey, I don’t know. It just doesn’t sound logical nor reasonable. He should have taken care of this problem a long time ago.

So, the story goes bad and Trevor is gone again. Does he have some of his strongest and most stalwart friends take his place and continue his empire? Read to the books to find out but don’t believe that anything he writes would really happen. It makes for an interesting read but I think he has a generally bad impression of what makes a General Office in the military.

Still, these books are very good military science fiction with a lot of character building and a great story line. I am sorry that I have finished all four but I’m glad to hear there is a fifth book.

Does anyone know when or if this fifth book will ever be published? I can find know information what so ever about the author or his future publications!

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