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“Earth Strike”


5 Small Stars
Earth Strike

This was a pretty good read as far as military sci-fi goes. It appears to be a new series although I don’t know when the next book will be issued.

This involves a space task force sent to rescue some space marines on a distant planet. The Marines have been attached by an alien group known as the Turusch who are working for some kind of supreme beings called the Sh’daar. Earth has been given the option of joining the Sh’daar empire or suffer total destruction.

If you like naval battles and fighter pilot stuff, you’ll like this book. It follows a main character, a Lt. Trevor Gray, who comes from a non-technological background which is out of the ordinary for most humans of the 24th century. He’s trying to find a way to fit into his new life aboard the star-carrier America.

The book in paperback is 357 pages long and is a fairly easy read.

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