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“Destination Atlantis”


5 Small Stars
Destination Atlantis

Talk about a confusing plot! This story is really confusing. The main character, Kaden Jaxx, doesn’t even know who or what he is. Oh, the “thinks” he’s a lowly Earth-born archeologist, but apparently that’s not the case. He has been a member of the Secret Space Force (SSP) [real catchy name, that one], but can’t remember ever being a part of any kind of military. Apparently he was a super good star fighter jockey that could fly rings around anybody. That is until he defected to the enemy. His wingman (wing-person, wing-woman) was Rivkah Ravenwood, a super good star fighter only second to Kaden. Supposedly, when Jaxx defected, he allowed Rivkah to get caught in her downed star fighter where she almost burned to death. Jaxx must have had some opportunity to rescue her, but he didn’t. She was rescued by SSP personnel, although she was seriously burned and left the SSP to live as a disfigured hermit. The only thing that’s keeping her alive is her hatred for Kaden Jaxx.

Alright, that’s all in the past. Jaxx and Rivkah have been dragged along with Colonel Slade via a “Global Security Administration” star ship to arrive at Callisto, one of Jupiter’s moons. Admiral Gentry of the SSP found out that Callisto is occupied by a previously unknown alien race. It appears to be a paradise just waiting for the SSP to take it over. Unknown to Admiral Gentry is that the inhabitants of Callisto are none other than the forgotten Atlantans of Earth mythology. They are definitely prepared to defend their world and do not want to be forcefully conquered by Earth. So, when Admiral Gentry orders his star carrier to attack one of the domed cities on Callisto, he gets more than he bargains for. He finally decides to use his ultimate weapon, a nuclear missile, which he fires at the city. The Atlantans know what he’s about to do so they fire an energy pulse that strikes the nuclear missile right after it’s launched. That certainly doesn’t do the star carrier much good.

Meanwhile, Jaxx and Rivkah, who has been medically treated by some very advanced medicine and is now back to her normal beautiful self, are escaping from the star carrier that Colonel Slade commands and heading for Callisto. They seem compelled to go and help the Atlantans. So, that’s where this story sits. Jaxx finds out that he and Captain Fox, another guy who hates Jaxx’s guts, have to make peace with each other as well as Rivkah set aside her hatred of Jaxx. Jaxx on the other hand, has been told by the Atlantans that he is their key to surviving the current Kalhoon war and preventing the Earth humans from also destroying everything they have built. Oh, yeah, seems like the SSP has formed an alliance with the Kalhoons who are savage aliens that eat their enemies, either Atlantan or Human! So, Earth, the SSP and actually America are on the wrong side of a war that shouldn’t be going on.

It’s up to Jaxx, Rivkah, Fox and aother SSP Captain named Bogle to fix things some how and restore peace to this part of the galaxy. It doesn’t end with this book so there’s definitely more to come.

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