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“Eternal Return”


4 Small Stars

Colonel Mitchell and his Riggers had established a temporary base in a log cabin in the Olympic Mountains near Seattle. From there they decided they needed to find Watson’s core in order to shut him down. They didn’t know exactly where he might be, but a good place to start was a secure Nova Taurus facility. Mitchell and Katherine went into the building along with a few others, but didn’t find what they were looking for. They did find an amoebics plant producing lots of this deadly ammo. They shut it down, but not without a considerable fight.

Kathy and Michael were back at the remote cabin acting as a HQ for the Rigger teams. Extracting Mitchell and Katherine from the Nova Taurus facility wasn’t easy and getting everyone back to HQ was also complicated when that position came under attack. Watson had sent some of mercenaries to the mountains and they were just now engaging Kathy and Michael. Fortunately, one of the Rigger teams got back in time to stave off that attack and pickup Katy and Michael.

They then found another temporary base in the middle of no where, an old farm away from almost everything. It was owned and managed by two of Katy’s constructs. Yes, just like Watson, Kathy could construct new humans from organic matter, but these weren’t infected with Watson’s craziness and they didn’t know what they were either until they came into contact with Kathy. Still, having additional help for the Riggers was a blessing. At this new base camp they started to plan how to finish the fight in this timeline and get ready for the future.

Katherine was going to have to secure the Dove and get it launched. Once that was done, Mitchell and the Tetron Primitive, now called Teegin, would meet her so they could all launch into the future and another timeline. I guess. Some of this is pretty confusing. Anyway, it’s not going to be easy to steal the Dove. Watson knows they need it so he’s probably going to surround it with his minions.

And while that’s going on, Mitchell and Teegin will go look at another possible site for Watson’s core. This one is really in the middle of no where, the Atlantic Ocean to be exact, five hundred clicks southeast of Greenland. It’s hard to say which mission will be worse, that is if Watson’s core is anywhere near the identified sight. We do know that Katherine isn’t going to see anybody ever again if either mission goes sour!

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