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“Forever Until Tomorrow”


4 Small Stars

Ok, this is really getting weird. It’s going to take you awhile to figure out what is going on in this book. I’ll tell you this much, everything that you’ve read up to now hasn’t happened, yet. Colonel Mitch Williams isn’t quite himself in this book. You’ll be introduced to a guy named “Reggie” who has been sitting in a mental hospital for the last twenty years.

Finally, “Reggie” decides that he’s waited long enough so he just up and leaves the hospital. He hasn’t been outside in the real world for all of those twenty years, so he’s not going to fit in very well. He also has no money and no place to live. Slowly, some memories of who he might have been are trickling in, but he’s still confused as to who he is and why, after twenty years, he has decided to leave the mental hospital. He also knows that he has to meet up with someone known as Katherine.

Major Katherine Ash has just been selected as part of the initial crew Dove, the now name for Earth’s first FTL starship. Katherine had to beat out over a thousand other applicants for the position and now she’s attending the crew announcement ball. She has her friend, Michael, with her. He’s an overweight computer genius and is very happy to be a friend of Katherine’s, but not so much liking going to a military ball. He’s definitely uncomfortable in his tux, but that will definitely be the least of his worries just after they arrive at the ball.

A group of unknown terrorist decide they will ensure the Dove never launches by killing all the crew-members as they are announced. The President of the United States as well as most of the military brass are in attendance. When the shooting starts, most of those highly decorated soldiers and sailors are shot down. If not for the fast reactions of Major Ash, a lot more would have been dead. She managed to knock down one of the terrorist and get his gun which she used to return fire against the other terrorist. She almost succeeded in killing all of them single-handedly, but she was hit and that’s the last she remembers. So, we know Katherine isn’t some wall-flower that Colonel Mitch Williams must find. It would help if she can survive until he does find her and this won’t be the last time she’s in danger. Someone definitely is out to kill Katherine and Mitch. This is when the fun begins!

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