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“The Devil’s Do”


5 Small Stars
The Devil's Do

These are interesting books if not a little off the deep end. I don’t mean the story-line is crazy or anything, but I just don’t go in for mystical powers that seem to appear in our lead character, Abigail Cage, or in the apparent legion of Nephilim. Yeah, I know how it go there, but this all seems to unbelievable to me, duh, which it is!

As you’ll remember, Abigail Cage, was a former Lieutenant in the Republic military. She was framed for weapons smuggling and sent to “Hell”, a maximum security prison with an appropriate name. She manages to break out with the help of Captain Olus Mann, Chief of Republic Intelligence Services and also, unknown at the time, by her nemesis, General Thraven. Gen. Thraven had one of his minions inject Cage with a serum that caused her to grow some incredible powers one of which makes her almost indestructible. She is learning how to control this new power which is physically changing her into something not human. Of course, she doesn’t want this to happen so she needs to find the second part of this injection which will prevent her from turning into some kind of monster.

While breaking out of “Hell” she’s accompanied by a group of prisoners who were all ex-miitary at one time. They did commit grievous crimes to get thrown into Hell, but they have seen Cage’s power and are resigned to let her lead their gang of rejects. And that’s what they call themselves, The Rejects, led by their Daemon Queen, Abigail Cage. Although, individually bad people, together under Cage, they vow to find Gen. Thraven and put an end to his megalomaniac plan of conquering the entire galaxy. One reason to do so is that under Gen. Thraven, humans are nothing more than slaves used to physically power his starship. Their blood is actually the fuel that pumps through the engines while these helpless people are hung on the walls of the engine room in considerable pain. Not a pretty sight.

So, Cage has found the location of Gen. Thraven’s massive armada and military stronghold. She plans to attack it, but she has only about a handful of ships which probably won’t do much against Thraven military. She needs to get General Kett’s forces involved big time. General Kett’s has been secretly building a counter military to go against Thraven, but he’s continually reluctant to make any moves. Cage things it’s time for him to do something and that would be to support her attack on Kell, Thraven’s stronghold. Gen. Kett is hidden in the Bain System, but Gen. Thraven has found that out and plans to attack him there while leaving enough forces behind to protect Kell. Gage needs to warn Gen. Kett, but she also see an opportunity to hurt Gen. Thraven while he’s away from his lair. It could be that either option or both will get the Rejects killed.

A very good and engaging book. A lot gets explained here so we now know more about the forces under General Thraven and those working for General Kett. Evil vs good, that’s what it’s all about. I seemed to have read through this book quickly so the writing has to be good for me to do that. I think I just might continue with this series although I don’t feel the normal excitement to do so. I wonder why?

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